Bronze Code: 202
Height: 18.5 In
Width: 15 In
Weight: 23.8 LBs


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Art connoisseurs will be thrilled to encounter this magnificent series of sculptures, crafted inspired by the grandeur of the renowned master, Salvador Dali. These exquisite sculptural representations of human form, each a testament to Dali's unwavering desire to diverge from the norms of his time, are splendid additions to any art collection. These eye-catching sculptures command attention due to their impressive proportions measuring a stately 47cm in height and weighing approximately 10.8 kg, making them significant pieces of art to adorn your living space.

Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989), a figure whose lifework incited unparalleled excitement and controversy, was one of surrealism's brightest luminaries. This Spanish painter, sculptor, and director not only made his mark as a top-tier artist but also as a sculptor who skilfully moulded his masterpieces from wax. His artistry won the admiration of noted collector, Isidre Klot, who commissioned bronze impressions of these wax figures.

The result was a remarkable collection of bronze sculptures which garnered tremendous acclaim in the art world. Many of these pieces have been enhanced in size to become stunning attractions in museum halls and city squares globally. These reproductions, while increasing the accessibility of Dali's works, have simultaneously amplified their impact, fostering a deeper appreciation of this master's extraordinary talent.