Bronze Code: 203
Height: 15.7 In
Width: 9.1 In
Weight: 14.1 LBs


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Embark on an exquisite journey through the innovative and awe-inspiring world of Salvador Dali with our captivating collection of Dali sculptures. This exclusive series encapsulates the endless creativity of this famed Spanish artist, sculptor, and director. The distinctly surrealist style unique to Dali is brilliantly showcased within each breathtaking piece, vividly illustrating his commitment to pushing the boundaries of classic interpretation.

Born in 1904, Salvador Dali's surrealist legacy continues to bewitch and provoke the art world, decades after his passing in 1989. His incomparable ability to combine the mundane and the fantastic within a single frame led to visual masterpieces that still incite wonder today. Equally proficient in wax sculpting, Dali created an impressive array of figurines, which were later modeled into larger-than-life statues that now adorn museums and public squares globally.

Included in this series is a remarkable selection of these human images, each one standing at 40cm and weighing 6.4kg. Each Dali sculpture is an embodiment of his persistent pursuit of originality, standing proud and distinctive against the works of his contemporaries. Once intended to be a tangible manifestation of his fantastical visions, these bronze figurines purchased by collector Isidre Klot now serve as striking centerpieces for your home or office décor.

The craftsmanship and intricate detail poured into each sculpture make them an ideal addition for any art enthusiast or dedicated collector. Explore our range of Salvador Dali inspired figurines, each one a testament to one of the 20th century's most provocative and influential artists' unrestricted imagination.