Bronze Code: 193
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 8.9 In
Weight: 2.4 LBs


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Experience the exquisite 'magic of light' encapsulated in the world-renowned work of Bradley Page, an influential American sculptor. This product is a miniature version of his iconic masterpiece, 'Expansion', currently gracing the streets near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. The artwork, a walking epitome of artistry and brilliance, presents the beautiful spectacle of a naked woman's figure, intriguingly fragmented at certain junctions, with an unearthly radiance emanating from the gaping cracks.

Akin to Bradley's philosophy, this masterwork resonates with the notion of inner light. The particular phrase, 'Expansion', concurs with the idea of spreading or nurturing this unique lifeblood found in every individual. The artist emphasizes that life nudges us towards learning and fitting into society's predefined molds. However, the true essence is about not being hesitant in letting the inner light fill out and spread freely, defining its unique pathway.

This scaled-down reproduction allows you to capture the philosophical depth and metaphysical beauty of Bradley's thought-provoking creation right in your space. A timeless piece of art defining the radiant spirit within, it's eager to be at your dwelling, illuminating your surroundings with a spark of creation and individuality. Let it enrich your interior with an artistic soul while being a talking point for your intellectual conversations. Invite Bradley Page's reproduction of 'Expansion' and let it transform your space into a mini art gallery of contemporary American art.