Bronze Code: 14
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 2.6 In
Weight: 1.8 LBs


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Experience the magic of world-renowned French sculptor Auguste Rodin with this stunning miniature reinterpretation of his famous work — the 'Eve' Sculpture. Exquisitely crafted and bearing the renowned charm and emotional depth of his original piece, this reduced 20cm copy provides a unique opportunity for art lovers to bring home a piece of history. Measuring 20 cm in height, this miniature adaptation fittingly embodies the key characteristics for which Rodin's work is celebrated worldwide.

The 'Eve' sculpture was originally sculpted by Rodin in 1899 as part of the 'Gates of Hell' ensemble. It was later showcased as an independent work, testifying to Rodin’s powerful technique and ability to convey complex human emotions through his sculptures. The meaning behind Eve's poignant pose speaks volumes of her shame and remorse after the fall, with the delicate, rounded form of her body subtly hinting at her imminent motherhood. These details are beautifully captured in our 20cm copy, making it a true testament to Rodin’s genius.

In the heart of Paris, Rodin's masterpieces lie within the breathtaking Tuileries Garden, attracting art enthusiasts from around the globe. But now, with this elegant copy of the 'Eve' sculpture, you can enjoy Rodin's brilliant work closer to home. As one of the pioneers of modern sculpture, Rodin's influence is clearly discernable in our meticulously crafted replica that brings out the emotional depth and psychologism innate to the original piece.

Unveil the nuances of Rodin's sculptural artistry through this high-quality 20cm copy of the 'Eve' sculpture. Breathe in the dedication, passion, and skill that went into creating this astounding piece of artwork and let it inspire you in your everyday life. Enhance your home or workspace environment with this tribute to one of the creators of modern sculpture, and keep a piece of genuine art history close at hand.