Bronze Code: 83
Height: 15.4 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 6.2 LBs


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The exceptional handiwork of renowned sculptor D.H.Chiparus brings an exquisite air of beauty and sophistication to any space. This outstanding piece, featuring an enchantingly authentic Russian girl, stands 39cm tall, making it a substantial addition to your art collection or home decor. Her facial features and clothing details have been meticulously captured, showcasing Chiparus's unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Renowned for his contributions to the Art Deco style, Demetre H. Chiparus (1886-1947) was heavily influenced by the success of Diaghilev's "Russian Seasons" in Paris. In his art, the echoes of these seasons are evident, creating a unique blend of artistry and cultural infusion. Famous for his captivating renderings of the legendary Cleopatra and elusive dancers of the ancient East, Chiparus's legacy continues in this exquisitely detailed figurine.

The craftsmanship in this Chiparus piece is undeniable. Similarities with the Russian troupe soloists from Diaghilev's ballets are evident, demonstrating not only Chiparus's artistic prowess but also his appreciation of the human form and vivid cultural expressions. This premier piece would make an ideal gift for art aficionados or a significant addition to any fine art collection.