Bronze Code: 225
Height: 11.4 In
Width: 9.1 In
Weight: 16.5 LBs


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Bring home the rustic charm of the countryside with our magnificent village story sculpture. Perfectly suited for your country house, this fascinating artwork not only adorns your living space but also enlivens it with a bucolic touch that is reminiscent of simpler times and nostalgic memories. With a significant weight of 7.5 kg, this sculpture exhibits a depth of volume and texture that is truly unparalleled in the world of rural art.

The village story sculpture is comprised of three distinct characters, each encapsulated in their own roles and emotions. Observe their unique expressions, their individual quirks, and the artist's extraordinary attention to detail. This allows you to deeply connect and empathize with each character, bringing the artist's story to life in your own mind.

Our spectacular village story sculpture is not just a product, but a work of art that boasts its unique identity. The master craftsman behind this masterpiece is a renowned artist who has mastered the art of turning ordinary materials into extraordinary decor pieces. His unwavering spirit of creativity, coupled with an insatiable passion for preserving the authentic rural essence, is evident in every facet of this portrayal.

This sculpture is more than just a decorative item - it is a slice of rural life carefully crafted and designed to add flare to any country-themed interior. It effortlessly transforms a drab and ordinary space into an inviting and visually appealing corner, telling an intriguing story through its expertly designed textures.

Experience the magic of provincial allure with our village story sculpture, where the mundane reality of life takes a backseat, and the charm of rustic living occupies center stage.