Bronze Code: 101
Height: 14.2 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 6.2 LBs


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Behold the timeless beauty and elegance of Aldo Vitaleh’s masterpiece - an exquisite statuette from his renowned series celebrating cabaret dancers. This beautifully crafted piece, embodying the classic beauty of the Art Deco period, serves as a testament to the indomitable skills and artistic vision of the famed Italian sculptor Aldo Vitaleh.

Living at the cusp of the 19th and 20th centuries, Vitaleh found his inspiration in the glamour and drama of the Art Deco period – an era of luxury, technological progress, and cultural revolution. This medium-sized desktop statuette (36x13) is a stellar representation of Vitaleh's profound affection for cabaret dancers, brilliantly reflecting the energy, charisma, and vibrancy intrinsic to their performances.

This masterpiece from the cabaret dancers series brilliantly encapsulates the essence of Vitaleh’s artistry, marked by attention to intricate detail, captivating dynamism, and a keen sense for capturing the natural elegance and expressiveness of the human form. The statuette skilfully showcases the cabaret dancers' grace, their exuberant energy, and their fierce passion for their craft – thereby creating a fascinating visual narrative and conversation piece.

Personally created by Vitaleh himself, this statuette is more than just a decorative piece; it is a tribute to the raw power, the delicate balance, and the captivating performance of cabaret dancers. Its medium size makes it perfect for display on tables and desktops, adding an artistic touch to any space without overwhelming it.