Bronze Code: 149
Height: 11.8 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 6.8 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the captivating artistry of Nick, a renowned author and sculptor. His latest masterpiece exudes tranquility and serenity, effortlessly encapsulating the essence of feminine beauty and grace. The sculpture presents a young woman, surrounded by an array of exquisite blooms. An emblem of peace and serenity, this tasteful statuette showcases Nick's impeccable attention to detail. Every curve, every expression, and every floral petal in this sculpture subtly contributes to an overarching image of idyllic tranquility.

Marvel at the magnificently captured figure of the young woman, which radiates an elegant simplicity which is sure to captivate and charm in equal measure. The artist's skilled handiwork is evident in the carefully crafted lean, supple figure of the depicted girl. Each feature, down to her delicate, slender hands culminating in long, beautifully detailed fingers, has been exquisitely sculptured, resulting in an incredibly lifelike portrayal.

Entwined amidst resplendent flowers, the girl emanates an aura of peace and wellbeing. This subtle interaction with nature communicates volumes about the artist’s appreciation for the natural world, making this statuette a poignant statement piece for any home. The blend of simplicity and sophistication in design allows the work to seamlessly fit into and enhance any domestic backdrop. Given as a gift, this figurine would speak volumes about the giver's appreciation of delicate artistry and inspiring poise.

Brought to life by the distinguished artist Nick, this exceptional figurine promises more than just a visual treat. It aims to beautify a physical space whilst influencing the atmosphere and mood within it. Enhance your home with this artistic rendition of tranquility encapsulated within a captivating figurine, bonding the brilliance of human creation with the serene beauty of Mother Nature.