Bronze Code: 239
Height: 15 In
Width: 11.8 In
Weight: 13.9 LBs


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The esteemed work of European sculptors, Paolo & Edgar, brings to life an impressive representation of a magician constructed entirely of geometric shapes. A pronounced amalgamation of art and mathematical precision, this bronze sculpture stands at a substantial 38x30cm, weighing in at a hefty 6.3kg of pure bronze. Exuding a quality that speaks volumes about the artistry involved.

Showcasing a body of profuse detail, the artists pay meticulous attention to each centimeter of the piece. The texture of the bronze brings out the relief of each geometric figure exhibiting a unique bulge on the surface, accentuated by diverse shades of color. This enthralling interplay of light and shadow across different angles enhances the 3-dimensional illusion, making the piece spring to life.

This stylish masterpiece is not just a robust addition to your collection but also serves as an exquisite piece of interior decor. The work of Paolo & Edgar is not just aesthetically pleasing but also intellectually stimulating, making it an ideal gift for mathematicians, architects, or anyone with an appreciation for fine art and geometry.