Bronze Code: 241
Height: 22 In
Width: 9.8 In
Weight: 26.5 LBs


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A true masterpiece of craftsmanship, this unique sculpture, carefully designed by talented European sculptors, serves as an embodiment of surreal art that knows no boundaries. This grand work of art, measuring a considerable 45cm and weighing 12.3kg, is a depiction of a mystical magician whose essence is represented through labyrinthine lines.

Every single centimeter of this sculpture exudes meticulous care, in-depth planning, and fine craftsmanship. The structure of the piece is minutely detailed, ensuring an in-depth representation of each symbol as a certain bulge on the surface. Each such bulge is thoughtfully highlighted with a dash of color, rendering more richness and depth into the piece.

Void of any semantic meaning, this sculpture opens up a world of interpretation for each viewer. What holds no specific meaning to one person might symbolize a profound concept to another – therein lies the true beauty of this sculptor's work. Every individual is bound to perceive their own unique interpretation for this art piece, highlighting how it strikes a chord with varied aesthetics.

The magic of this sculpture is twofold; not only does it make a grand piece for any interior setting, but it also doubles as an abstract piece to be appreciated in the world of painting. There's a timeless appeal to this sculpture – a feature that ensures it never fades into oblivion or grows dull with the passing time.

Lose yourself in the magic of this sculpture, captivate your senses with its labyrinthine, abstract magnificence, and add a touch of timeless elegance to your space. This piece is not just a work of art; it's a conversation starter, a captivating centerpiece, and a testament to the beauty of abstraction and interpretation.