Bronze Code: 179
Height: 16.1 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 15.9 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of love and crisp art with this 41cm, 7.2 kg statuette created by notable artist, Milo. As a master storyteller, Milo adroitly captures the intense emotions of a loving couple, making it a vivid symbol of love and romance.

This unique statuette brings a fresh and modern approach to love stories that are beautifully immortalized via the medium of art. Milo's attention to detail is truly commendable. The complex clothing of the man and woman is painstakingly described, with every fold and crease bringing the figures to life. The tangible outpouring of love represented by this art piece will serve as a constant reminder of the deep bond between lovers, making it an ideal gift.

Milo creates an atmosphere of inherent intimacy within the statuette, with keen emphasis laid on the look and emotions of the subjects. This distinctive feature furthers the narrative potential of the statuette, allowing viewers to create their own love story in their minds. The figurine’s realistic portrayal of a couple's love and affection makes it a suitable decoration addition to any romantic’s collection.

Each statuette is created with artistic precision, promising superior quality and aesthetic design that are reflective of Milo’s artistic philosophy. The decent size of the statuette makes it versatile - it would be an impressive centerpiece, or add elegance to any corner of your home.