Bronze Code: 151
Height: 14.6 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 6.4 LBs


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We proudly introduce the profound artistry embodied in a sculpture by none other than the renowned Italian sculptor Aldo Vitaleh. Born in 1941, Vitaleh still continues refining his legacy as an acclaimed master of 'plastic exaltation', showcasing a unique blend of expert craftsmanship and creative innovation. His artwork offers an intriguing fusion of classical elements drawn from renowned Art Deco Maestros, intricately woven with the groundbreaking leanings of the avant-garde style.

Having demonstrated high versatility and finesse in his work, Vitaleh’s craftsmanship sheds fascinating light on the elegance of figurative art. One of the quintessential masterpieces hailed from Vitaleh's chisel is the beautiful sculpture aptly titled 'Love'. This intricate piece symbolizes an enchanting romance that transcends the ordinary, personifying love’s dynamic and enduring strength. The sculpture evokes a thoughtful interplay between a man and a woman, their intertwined forms exuding a spectral energy that gives form to the eternal dance of love.

The poetry in motion, exhibited through Vitaleh's 'Love', is a rich testament to his surrealistic approach designed to pull on the viewer's heartstrings. The artwork intricately mirrors the beauty of unity, akin to a ballet performance's graceful ardor or a complex execution of a captivating circus act. Vitaleh effectively brings to life the concept of a couple's deeply rooted connection, weaving a testament of their union through the threads of love, destiny, and life itself.

The genius of Aldo Vitaleh manages to capture moments of immense passion and immortalize them in a timeless sculpture. His mastery of embodying complex human emotions in static forms sets him apart in the world of modern art, proving him to be a true virtuoso in his field.