Bronze Code: 11
Height: 5.1 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 2.6 LBs


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We're delighted to bring you a reduced (13cm) miniature copy of one of the most renowned works of the eminent French sculptor, Auguste Rodin. This small replica is a tribute to his illustrious sculpture, the 'Kiss', initially crafted in 1889.

The 'Kiss' is notably known to be one of Rodin's most celebrated creations, beautifully articulating the all-consuming theme of love. Upon gazing this stunning representation of two lovers intertwined with each other, one cannot help but marvel at its breathtaking portrayal of tenderness and purity, amalgamated harmoniously with sensuality and passion.

Renowned for his dedication to encapsulate the 'miracle of life', Rodin keenly pursued the meticulous detailing of every aspect – from the tense muscles and the slight chest vibration to the nervous tremble of the skin's surface. His masterly insight into nature's inborn rhythm of a living organism sets him apart as a commendable artist of his time.

Auguste Rodin (1840 - 1917), originally named François-Auguste-René Rodin, is widely recognized as one of the pioneers of modern sculpture. His profound influence has far-reaching implications on the evolution of sculpture. His ingenuity in discovering new prospects in plastic art forms and his brilliance as one of the most exceptional draftsmen of the 19th century, undeniably corroborates his standing as an acclaimed artist.