Bronze Code: 32
Height: 7.5 In
Width: 2.2 In
Weight: 1.4 LBs


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Drift away into the world of intricate 19th-century sculptures with the renowned Art Deco masterpiece, a colourful rendering by Vaclaw Bernard Szczeblewski. Exemplifying the extraordinary artistry of its creator, this model is a striking representation of the artist's exceptional skill in creating a vividly coloured and intricately detailed sculpture that boasts of an authentic aged look.

Renowned as a Polish sculptor of the late 19th century, Vaclav Szeblewski etched his mark in the world of art with his distinctive style of work. After 9 awe-inspiring years at the prestigious Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Szczeblewski's work became a staple in the Paris salons. His influence and timeless creations still resonate in the art world today with his iconic statuette 'Jung' still considered among the most popular 19th-century sculptures to date.

This stunning Szczeblewski model, crafted in 1889, is a tribute to real-life sailor boys who stood as bona fide members of the crew. The detailed model not only showcases Szczeblewski's adept prowess in the art but also immortalizes the everyday, unsung heroes of the high seas by depicting the cabin boy with responsibilities and rights aboard the ship. It serves as the perfect gift for those with a fascination for maritime stories or aficionados of yachting.