Bronze Code: 150
Height: 15.4 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 11.2 LBs


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Introducing 'Fruit Vendor', a beautifully detailed sculpture by the celebrated Italian sculptor, Ernesto Cesaro. Renowned for his unique ability to portray the commonplace in life with extraordinary detail, Cesaro's works are highly prized by both art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

This model brings to life a colorful, typical scene from mid-20th-century Rome: A young woman, elegantly rendered with intricate detailing, descends a set of stairs with the aid of two laden fruit baskets. Standing at an impressive 39cm high and weighing a substantial 5.1 kg, Cesaro's choice of subject matter and execution in design invokes a sense of nostalgia, adding richness to any collection or bringing a deeper aesthetic to a room as a standalone feature.

The attention to detail is awe-inspiring. Every feature of the young woman's face and clothing has been modelled with precision, giving life to character and scene. Not one to overlook the smallest of details, Cesaro has painstakingly sculpted each piece of fruit within the woman's baskets, creating a scene that is as vivid and dynamic as life itself.

If you have a passion for quality craftsmanship, authentic artistry, or a keen interest in mid-20th-century Italian life, this sculpture truly resonates. As a gift, it's a genuine, thoughtful expression of appreciation - a beautiful conversation starter that adds a touch of class and sophistication to any space.