Bronze Code: 67
Height: 15.2 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 11.5 LBs


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Experience the captivating artistry of an internationally renowned French Impressionist sculptor and painter, E. Degas (1834-1917). His highly-coveted, meticulously crafted, and undeniably magnificent sculptures capture the movement, grace and sweeping elegance of dancers, ballerinas, and bathers. This stunning, high-quality replica of one of Degas' renowned works exemplifies the artist's fascination with the female form, movement, and ballet drama.

Standing at a substantial 38.5 cm and weighing 5.2 kg, the sculpture is both an impressive and commanding piece. Its size brings to life Degas' intense attention to detail, capturing the intimate moments of the everyday life of his subjects. From semi-darkness of dance classes to the bright exposure of stage spotlights, and the fleeting moments of rest in-between, Degas's commitment to capturing these moments has earned him worldwide acclaim.

With an initial focus on painting, Degas began his journey into sculpting in the late 1860s. As his eyesight gradually faded, his dedication to sculpture became more pronounced. His pieces developed as personal expressions, substituting his sketches with three-dimensional wax sculptures. Despite never displaying any publicly, one, in particular, won the hearts of audiences globally - the 'Little Fourteen-year-old Dancer. The sale of this piece's bronze counterpart at Sotheby's London in 2009 for a record 13.3 million pounds is a testament to Degas' enduring influence in the sphere of French Impressionist Sculpture.

This sculpture is not just a piece of home decor, but a powerful embodiment of art history, subtly bearing the signature elegance of Degas' artistic style. The perfect addition to the collection of avid art enthusiasts or connoisseurs of French impressionism, it brings a touch of grace and sophistication to any home or office space. Ultimately, this E. Degas sculpture is a ticket to owning a piece of the grace, beauty and intricacy of the world of ballet as depicted by a celebrated master of French Impressionism.