Bronze Code: 26
Height: 12.2 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 5.3 LBs


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Enrich your romantic ambiance with unique home decor by the renowned French sculptor Louis-Auguste Moreau (1855-1919). A master of interior plastics and genre sculpture, Moreau is celebrated world over for his magical renditions of angels, cupids, and small children. His endearing sculptures of cupids, in particular, served as choice additions for enhancing home decor in the latter half of the 19th century.

Moreau's compelling work was revered at prestigious Salons from his debut exhibition in 1861 until 1913. His exhibits not only captured the hearts and minds of those in attendance, but also set the pace for romantic genre sculptures across the globe.

Available for purchase are two alluring sculptures - 'Cupid with Drums' and 'Cupid with Cymbals'. These creations exude exhilaration as the cupids engage in playful fun. Although sold separately, the two harmoniously complement each other, courted by the joyous spark in their persona. The duo also makes perfect standalone pieces, spreading cheer and warmth in any setting.

Originating from the streets of Paris, these jovial cupids carry with them the classic Moreau charm that has captivated art connoisseurs across centuries. A subtle reflection of the hands that painstakingly worked on them, the sculptures effortlessly mirror the romance and allure synonymous with Moreau's impeccable craftsmanship.

Invest in these authentic L.A. Moreau artifacts, either separately or as a delightful pair, for a taste of eternal joy and romance in your home decor. Being timeless treasures that stir emotions, their inviting presence will surely amplify your love for all things beautiful and enduring.