Bronze Code: 238
Height: 8.7 In
Width: 13 In
Weight: 11.2 LBs


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From the creative minds of Paolo and Edgar, master sculptors hailing from Europe, comes an embodiment of tactile expression that delves deep into the world of celestial wizardry and financial prowess. Here lies the Magician of Money - a striking visual piece that serves as a testament to the unique craftsmanship of its creators.

Measuring at 33 centimeters and weighing in at over five kilograms, the figurine manages to strike a balance between elegance and imposing presence. Carved from pure bronze, the impressively large sculpture doesn't merely adorn a surface, it commands it. The heavy weight, combined with its tasteful verisimilitude to actual chess pieces, exudes a look and feel of solidity and quality unmatched in the market.

Riveting attention is awarded to every minute detail on this work of art. The tiniest characteristics of the figurine surface are accentuated, creating bulges that are purposeful and skillfully highlighted for a more lifelike and textured effect. The painstakingly precise details lend authenticity and add dimension to each figure, making the overall form stand out and contribute to its novel appeal.

The Magician of Money, with its finesse and assertive charm, makes an elegant embellishment for any interior space. Beyond that, it is particularly curated for chess enthusiasts who will not only appreciate the sculpture for its intrinsic beauty but also for its implicit connection to the game. This product captures the beauty of chess and the enchanting world of wizardry in a way that is both timeless and innovative.

As thoughtfully designed as it is aesthetically pleasing, this elaborate sculpture is undeniably more than just an item, it's a conversation piece - birthed from the intersection of quality, style, and fascination. Making this item a gift or part of your collection would be a befitting tribute to the creators Paolo and Edgar and their extraordinary capability to transpose emotions into tangible art.