Bronze Code: 100
Height: 7.5 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 5.4 LBs


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Our store takes immense pride in showcasing an extravagant collection embodying aspects of history, art, and brilliant craftsmanship. This special figurine model is no exception. After successful replicas in its classic brown, we have chosen to color it using diverse hues. The skillful color scheme contributes to the fruition of a distinct scuffing effect that beautifully narrates a tale of time and antiquity.

Finely crafted with precision and artistry, this model echoes the charming aesthetics of the late 19th century, a time when women were admired for their voluptuous appeal and tantalizing forms. The figurine visually narrates this story by emulating the features of a poised and confident dancer. This dancer stands as an epitome of seductiveness and grace, displaying the luxurious full-bodied figure that was highly revered in that era.

A divine reflection of the fashion and cultural norms of the time, the dancer was a beautiful embodiment of the elite courtesans, actresses, and dancers who managed to captivate not just the hearts but also the fortunes of men of stature, including kings and millionaires.The model's intricate detailing and lifelike form resonates with the opulence of the era and vividly recounts a tantalizing tale of love, beauty, and extravagance.