Bronze Code: 1430
Height: 11.2 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 3.1 LBs


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Original Art Deco masterpiece - the work of renowned Italian sculptor Aldo Vitaleh. A master that practiced during the 19th and 20th centuries, during the golden age of Art Deco, Aldo Vitaleh's artistry and craftsmanship are synonymous with perfection and elegance. This piece in particular, one of his most replicated works, captures a breathtakingly beautiful cabaret dancer, frozen in mid-dance, embodying both power and grace at the same time.

The figure is meticulously sculpted, revealing a perfect body on display, relishing in an intensely rich, gracefully sexy pose suggestive of a dancer in intricate movement. The design speaks to the viewer, illustrating both the physical and emotional emotions embodied in the dance, glowing with sensuality and vivacity.

Aldo Vitaleh's unique colouring techniques are an integral part of this work, lending it an added layer of richness and vibrancy. The bright, decorative effects brought upon by the use of such colouring techniques add another layer of depth to the work, enhancing its appeal and luring the observer deeper into the enigmatic world that the sculpture seeks to represent.

This authentic Aldo Vitaleh masterpiece is sure to serve as an exquisite addition to any Art Deco collection, providing a timeless representation of the golden age of Art Deco. A reminder of the elegance and classic charm of the era, this Aldo Vitaleh piece is a treasure worth cherishing.