Bronze Code: 134
Height: 13 In
Width: 0.1 In
Weight: 7.3 LBs


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We proudly unveil a large, striking bust of Marianne, the celebrated emblem of the French Republic and an enduring symbol of France since her inception in 1792 amidst the fervour of the French Revolution. This majestic 33cm, 3.3kg sculptural tribute captures Marianne in all her glory, showcasing her as the young, vibrant woman that she is, distinguishable by her distinctive Phrygian cap.

Marianne is more than just a symbol; she is an embodiment of France's cherished national motto: 'Freedom, equality, fraternity'. This motto resonates deeply with the French spirit and history and is reflected beautifully in this inspiring work of art. The detail and passion poured into this sculpture truly encapsulate what Marianne stands for - a beacon of unity, liberty, and equality.

Being an emblem so deeply ingrained into the French identity, Marianne's images grace the hallways of prominent government institutions, courts, municipalities and other oficial buildings throughout the country. As a tribute to this, our exquisite bust of Marianne is crafted with utmost respect for authenticity and cultural representation.

Further testament to her iconic status, Marianne has recently found her place as one of the defining elements of the emblem for the upcoming 2024 Olympics to be held in Paris. This adds more relevance and timeliness to our unique bust of Marianne – a must-have for anyone keen on experiencing a slice of French culture and history in their homes.