Bronze Code: 133
Height: 13.8 In
Width: 7.9 In
Weight: 6.8 LBs


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Experience the grandeur of French artistry with this 1894 reproduction of the Bust of Diana, crafted by world-renowned French painter and sculptor, Jean Alexandre Joseph Falguiere. With an impressive height of 35cm and depth tipping the scales at 3.1 kg, this large and stunning masterpiece is guaranteed to make a bold statement in any corner of your home or office.

Alexandre Falguiere (1831-1900) is a name of prestige and reverence in the dashboard of French painters and sculptors. Trained under the watchful eye of esteemed sculptor Francois Jouffroy, Falguiere's career dappled the horizons of independent artistry in Paris. His work, known for its striking naturalness, was widely acclaimed and rewarded. In 1859, Falguiere won the Rome Prize from the French Academy; a hallmark achievement that propelled his offerings into the Paris Salon in 1864.

His debut piece, 'The Winner in the Cockfight', successfully gained him critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal. In 1868, his depiction of 'Tarcisius', a Christian martyr, at the Paris Salon, earned him an honorary medal. Our Bust of Diana piece echoes the same rich heritage and supreme class of Falguiere's award-winning works. This masterpiece will effortlessly infuse your space with a dash of historic artistry and Parisian elegance.

As a reproduction, the Bust of Diana offers art enthusiasts the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy Falguiere's prominent style without the extravagant expense of an original. Every curve, every stroke captures the meticulous detail and the charismatic charm of Falguiere’s original work. Purchase this piece of art, invite France's rich artistic history into your life, and pay homage to one of its most revered sculptors.