Bronze Code: 31
Height: 9.4 In
Width: 3.7 In
Weight: 3.2 LBs


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Featuring the masterful craftsmanship of renowned Art Deco sculptor, D. H. Chiparus, we proudly present the highly distinguished and meticulously detailed statuette, 'The Boy with an Accordion'. Molded with unmatched artistry, this exquisite piece dating from the early period of the author's work strikingly represents the style of 'Viennese bronze' and vividly echoes the aesthetic sensibilities of the early 20th century.

Born in 1886, Demetre H. Chiparus was a Romanian-born sculptor who launched his first series of sculptures, predominantly images of children, which featured at the 1914 Paris Salon. Chiparus began with modest but intricately designed realistic nature-inspired sculptures which played a significant role in shaping and defining his distinct art style. His fame and talent in the Art Deco field proved unequivocal as he went on to create highly successful and popular pieces of work.

'The Boy with an Accordion' exemplifies Chiparus' signature Art Deco style with an elegant blend of realism and vintage charm. Unlike the classic brown rendition, this model skillfully employs a range of colors that are carefully scuffed to exude an antique feel. The piece itself is a subject of intrigue, as each specific color might look better in certain lights or against particular backdrops. This refined use of color and scuffing technique brings about a dimensional flair and helps the statuette to emulate the aged look of bygone times.

The boy depicted in this beloved sculpture is expressive and full of character, as vividly reflected in his clothing and the accordion he holds. This particular feature is a testament to the artistry encapsulated in every work of D. H. Chiparus, reminding us of the foundational role of children in his early designs. His sculptural narratives dig deep into the cultural crosscurrents of the 20th century, only adding to its timeless appeal and the pleasure of its viewers.