Bronze Code: 24
Height: 13 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 5.4 LBs


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Make a statement with the unique, elegant craftsmanship of a Milo sculpture. This renowned artist from the school of Fine Arts is known for his striking, tranquil depictions of youthful energy and beauty. His sculptures are not merely ornamental fixtures; they're captivating narratives frozen in time.

With each piece Milo crafts, his talent for capturing the subtle nuances of the human form becomes evident. His primary subject, the young man in our showcased sculptural statuette, embodies a distinct calm and harmony. The serene gaze, the tranquil disposition, and the vibrant youth frozen in time continuously captivate the viewer.

Milo's work reflects the majesty of the human spirit, like a light sea breeze reminding us of our intrinsic connection with nature. His sculpture radiates freshness, embodying a sense of inner and outer freedom, a journey every viewer undertakes while gazing at this exceptional piece of art.

It's no wonder why works stemming from the brand 'Milo' are highly sought after in the European sculpture market. Our store presents a distinctive collection of these modern sculptures, all cast based on Milo's original models. They are more than sculptures; they are pieces from the world of high art, narration in solid form, and communication beyond words.

This exceptional creation from Milo not only makes a perfect gift for art connoisseurs but also serves as a unique addition to your interior decor. Proudly display this piece in your home or office and be part of Milo's tradition of excellence. Experience the timeless appeal and inspirational vibe that a Milo sculpture brings into your surroundings.