Bronze Code: 21
Height: 9.1 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 3.8 LBs


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D.H. Chiparus, a Romanian sculptor renowned for his exquisite Art Deco style, is the creative mastermind behind the breathtaking 'Boy with a Hoop' statuette. With a reputation of being one of the most famous sculptors of the Art Deco period, Chiparus' work is highly sought after by art collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Born in Romania, Chiparus moved to Paris to hone his craft. He started his journey creating small, realistic sculptures, initially making his mark on the art community with a solo show at the renowned Paris Salon in 1914. This marked the beginning of his legacy not only as a sculptor but also as an important contributor to the Art Deco movement.

Chiparus’ first production series featured images of children, showcasing his eye for capturing innocent and candor in bronze. The 'Boy with a Hoop' statuette exemplifies this early period of Chiparus’ work, making it a significant piece for anyone with an interest in Art Deco collectables or Chiparus’ broader portfolio.

The charm of the 'Boy with a Hoop’ is evident in its delicate portrayal of childhood innocence and the intricate detailing that captures the very essence of Chiparus’ unique style. Remarkably lifelike and emotive, the statue serves as a tribute to the playful nature of youth, making the piece both a joy to behold and a valuable addition to any figurine collection.

If you are an art enthusiast or collector looking to expand your collection with a remarkable piece of Art Deco history, the 'Boy with a Hoop’ is an excellent choice. Its rich history, intricate detailing, and spirit of playfulness make it an admirable embodiment of D.H. Chiparus’ remarkable talent.