Bronze Code: 35
Height: 15.4 In
Width: 4.7 In
Weight: 6.8 LBs


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Delve into the world of mesmerizing craftsmanship with works from one of France's most renowned sculptors, Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse (1824 — 1887). Celebrated as a virtuoso of the Paris salon during his time, Carrier-Belleuse's prized figurines and sculptures are epitomes of sculptural brilliance.

A successful pupil of the eminent David of Angers, Carrier-Belleuse's artistic propensity and dedication won him many accolades. His awe-inspiring creations never failed to capture the hearts of Salon and World Exhibition visitors, earning government medals, esteemed awards, and even the prestigious French decoration - the Legion of Honor - bestowed upon him.

An unmistakable hallmark of Carrier-Belleuse's work is his use of luxurious shapes. Rich in details while they may often seem detached from real life, the fantasy-like quality of these figures enchants observers. His uncanny ability to infuse each sculpture with a sense of narrative makes an encounter with his work a fascinating experience.

The artist's sculptures are insanely beautiful, imbued with romance that leaves a lasting impression. Transcending the constraints of materiality and time, Carrier-Belleuse's works are truly sublime manifestations of artistic mastery and romantic nostalgia.

A true homage to the genius that was Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, these figurines are invaluable additions to any devotee of art, particularly those captivated by the drama and allure of French Romanticism.