Bronze Code: 118
Height: 12 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 2.4 LBs


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We introduce a truly captivating series of original artworks showcasing ballerinas in a multitude of ballet poses. Each piece has been masterfully crafted to encapsulate the dynamism and grace that defines this revered art form.

These statuettes are the creation of acclaimed artist Milo, a graduate of a prestigious Fine Arts school that brings together Europe's finest sculptors under its brand. Milo's outstanding talent is evident in the intricacy detailed in the anatomical accuracy of the female figure, with particular attention given to the artful articulation of fingers and toes.

Milo’s understanding of the human form, combined with his deft artistic hand, results in statues that are inextricably enthralling. The delicacy of the facial features is compelling, driving home a realism that is both overwhelming and beautiful. But the perfection does not stop there. Milo's sophisticated feature also extends to a striking green patina applied meticulously to the ballerina's attire and hair, imbuing each work with distinctive beauty and charm.

Our store is proud to feature some of Milo's most iconic sculptures – all cast following his models, attesting to the prestige the artist has garnered within the sculpting community. These statues are not mere decorative ornaments; they are genuinely inspirational artistic pieces intended to enhance any space they occupy.

Every detail of these statuettes has been executed with a level of exactitude that is second to none. In purchasing one of Milo's works, you invest in a piece of art that truly embodies the elegance, sophistication, and fluidity inherent in the ballet.