Bronze Code: 112
Height: 12.6 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 4.2 LBs


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We are proud to introduce a beautiful series of sculptural masterpieces, each artfully capturing the essence and beauty of ballet. These superbly crafted figurines are the works of renowned artist Milo, designed with explicit detail and artistic prowess, portraying ballerinas in various poses and positions.

Widely acclaimed for his exceptional skill, Milo brings to life the unique plasticity of each ballet pose. The impeccable craftsmanship on display reveals the fine nuances of the female anatomy, from the tips of the fingers to the curve of their toes, an attention to detail that is nothing short of mesmerizing. Gentle, delicate features grace each figurine's face, accurately showcasing the youthful elegance and purity of a woman's visage.

An alumnus of the prestigious School of Fine Arts, a center of learning revered for producing prodigious European sculptors, Milo's work embodies the high standards and artistic vision that the institution upholds. Our collection features a stunning range of sculptures, predominantly cast from the model creations of Milo, thus carrying the unrivaled charm and sophistication associated with his brand.

Dive into the world of graceful ballet and beautiful sculpture with Milo's enchanting series of ballerina figurines, an ode to the human form, and a tribute to the beauty of dance. Entrust your taste in art to Milo, a brand known for its dedication to perfection, uniqueness, and artistic excellence.