Bronze Code: 111
Height: 13 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 4.2 LBs


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Steeped in artistic grandeur, the sculptures crafted by Milo are a visual treat to lovers of art and ballet alike. Showcasing an exquisite collection of ballerinas locked in various poses, each figurine is a testament to the author's profound understanding of the aesthetics of ballet and his precise observation of the human anatomy.

Milo's pieces radiate an ethereal beauty, a testament to the delicate grace and form of a ballet dancer in action. When it comes to details, the sculpture stands unmatched. Not a single feature is overlooked as each toe and finger is brought to life with breathtaking realism. The artistry extends to the epitome of the sculpted faces - the eyes, the lips, the tilt of the head - all meticulously designed to capture the essence of youth and grace.

Milo belongs to the prestigious lineage of the School of Fine Arts, a distinguished institution renowned for producing some of Europe's finest sculptors. The sculptures fashioned after Milo's creations are united under a single brand. Such collectable pieces are not just mere representations of ballet dancers; they are embodiments of the elegance and purity that ballet epitomizes.

Our online store presents an enriching variety of Milo's modern sculptures, each a masterclass in its own right. Every cast is tailored to perfection, thus preserving the quality and authenticity Milo's brand promises. As you explore the collection, be ready to be enchanted by the uniform brilliance of these timeless masterpieces.