Bronze Code: 106
Height: 11.4 In
Width: 8.7 In
Weight: 3.6 LBs


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Prepare to immerse yourself in the magnificent world of Milo's fine art, brought to life in our exquisite collection of ballerina statuettes. Milo, a celebrated artist from a prestigious European School of Fine Arts, masterfully captures the grace and beauty of ballerinas in diverse ballet poses. The statuettes are an epitome of his artistic brilliance, deft craftsmanship, and unparalleled attention to detail.

These premium statuettes, fashioned in the highest quality material, epitomize the elegance of the female form. Milo's keen eye for human anatomy is evident in the strikingly detailed and anatomically correct statues. The distinctive facial features, coupled with the highly intricate details of the ballet regalia, accentuate the statuettes' expressive charm.

The statues are elegantly painted in a classic white hue. The artist's deliberate inclusion of characteristic scuffs lends each figurine a unique aesthetic feel, reminiscing of vintage ballet art. The effect is a surreal fusion of simplicity and grandiosity, adding a touch of timeless elegance to any corner of your room.

As the hallmark brand uniting an array of European sculptors, Milo's works stand out in our expansive modern sculpture collection. The sculptures are crafted with remarkable precision according to their original, meticulously designed models, eluding to Milo's strong foundation in traditional art techniques. Expertly cast and hand-finished, each Milo figurine is an artistic masterpiece in itself.

These intricate ballet statuettes are more than mere decorative items; they are windows into Milo's extraordinary artistic realm, where the beauty of ballet is immortalized in white stone.