Bronze Code: 64
Height: 14 In
Width: 4.5 In
Weight: 4.4 LBs


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Captivating and meticulously crafted, this 35.5cm Asian dancer statuette showcases the perfect blend of art and creativity. Crafted painstakingly from 2kg of pure bronze, the figurine depict an Asian dancer posed intriguingly with a Chinese lute. The distinctive pose of the dancer brings a unique originality to the work, making it a standout piece with a strong aesthetic presence.

The lack of a specific semantic meaning allows this work's beauty to be subjective and personal. Its intricate design allows for deciphering and revealing the viewer's interpretation, bringing a unique character to every room it graces.

The figurine exhibits mastery in its attention to detail. The Asian dancer is dressed in national attire, accurately reflecting its cultural origins. With every fine line and curve, the statuette exudes authenticity and outlines the dancer's story capturing her spirit and dance form.

This Asian dancer statuette becomes an extraordinary investment for art collectors, simultaneously serving as a tasteful decorative piece. Especially for those looking to enhance their interiors with an oriental touch, it will beautifully complement and refine the design aesthetics.

As inspiring as this bronze figurine is, it contributes significantly more than just artistry to your home or workplace. It offers a medium for personal interpretation and unraveling aesthetics while sparking conversations about art, culture, and perception.

,: 'Asian Dancer Bronze Statuette with Chinese Lute',: 'Discover our unique 35.5cm bronze statuette, an Asian dancer in traditional attire poses with a Chinese lute, adding a classic oriental touch to any interior.'}