Bronze Code: 248
Height: 11.4 In
Width: 7.9 In
Weight: 5.3 LBs


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Presenting the unique, captivating, and emotive collection of bronze Zodiac sculptures conceived by celebrated Danish fashion designer, designer, and sculptor, Christel Marott (1919-1992). Marott's sculpture of the first astrological sign, Aries, embodies the raw power, leadership, and relentless energy intrinsic to those born under this influential star sign.

Dating back to the mid-80s, Marott designed and sculptured the twelve representations of the Zodiac signs. Each sculpture reflects the unique essence and character of its corresponding astrological symbol. The twelve 'girls', as Marott lovingly referred to them, emanate an unparalleled aura, an enigmatic blend of innocence and decadence, hallmarks of Marott's famous aesthetic style.

Known for its fine porcelain, Royal Copenhagen began production of Marott's designs, becoming an iconic part of the Danish company's portfolio. We're proud to present this treasured collection crafted in bronze, offering a stunning alternative to the porcelain originals.

Take, for example, Marott's depiction of the Aries woman. She's a fiery, autonomous figure brimming with optimism and packed with kinetic energy. The sculpture itself is alive with dynamism, portraying an Aries woman full of vitality, poised to take a leap of faith into the unknown. Her raised arm hints at an insurgent sensuality, a woman ready to take on the world - a world she knows she's capable of conquering.