Bronze Code: 695
Height: 9.4 In
Width: 18.1 In
Weight: 22 LBs


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Discover the impeccable craftsmanship and arresting aesthetic of this large 46cm, 10 kg tiger sculpture by renowned artist, Milo. Milo's expansive knowledge and expertise is evident in this masterfully executed interior sculpture. Displaying an exquisite attention to detail, every curve and contour of the tiger's anatomy is visualized with astute precision. The figure encapsulates the essence and powerful allure of the majestic tiger in all its glory, delivering a lifelike portrayal that would make an exceptional centrepiece in any room.

In Chinese zodiac, the tiger is the sign of those born in the following years: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and 2022. Bold and brave, those who bear this sign embody many of the traits of the noble tiger. As such, this sculpture makes an ideal gift for 'tigers'. Endowed with the spirit of the tiger, this artwork is an admirable symbol of their strengths, and a beautiful reminder of their unique identity. This Milo sculpture serves not only as a decorative piece, but also a keepsake of personal significance.

Make a statement with this Milo tiger sculpture - a perfect blend of art, precision, and homage to the animal kingdom and Oriental astrology. Whether for your own home or as a cherished gift, Milo's stunning tiger sculpture promises to impress.