Bronze Code: 751
Height: 13.8 In
Width: 15.4 In
Weight: 25.1 LBs


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The breathtaking work of famous French animal sculptor Georges Gardet takes form in the vividly depicted scene of wolves hunting an adult deer. Gardet, known for his versatile range of subjects and ability to imbue his sculptures with individualistic nuances, presents this dramatic wildlife tableau with dynamism and passion that leaps from the scene.

This 39x35cm masterpiece, weighing 11.4 kg, is certainly a substantial addition to any space. For enthusiasts of the wild, or hunters, this sculpture not only intrigues but serves as an affectionate tribute to the primal beauty and raw intensity of nature.

Studying under esteemed animal sculptor Fremiet and his father Joseph, Gardet's talent bloomed. He made his grand debut in 1885 and won multiple accolades, his prowess recognized with awards at the 1889 Exposition and the Grand Prix at the Exposition Universelle. His acclaimed body of work includes a diverse selection of pets and large predators, each crafted with characteristic vibrancy and individuality.

A well-respected personality, Gardet was knighted a Cavalier and later an Officer of the Legion of Honor. In 1913, he joined the prestigious Society of Animal Artists and contributed regularly in exhibitions. His extensive portfolio includes monumental works such as the lions for the Alexander III Bridge and multiple wildlife pieces for the Vaux-le-Vicomte castle, the Palace of the Seal, Montsouris Park, and the Laval Museum.

Countless Gardet pieces have gone under the hammer at auctions and are featured in various museums, asserting the enduring appeal of the esteemed sculptor's work. Embrace the opportunity to own a distinctive piece borne out of Gardet's creativity, passion, and expert craftsmanship.