Bronze Code: 677
Height: 15 In
Width: 16.9 In
Weight: 24.5 LBs


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Experience the epitome of fine European sculpting with the remarkable wolf sculpture by renowned author and artist, Milo. With a weight of 11.1 kg and measuring 43 cm in length, this solid interior piece embodies the quintessence of striking detail, enthralling craftsmanship, and enduring quality.

Milo, famed for his meticulous focus on detail, has masterfully reproduced the intricate structure of the wolf's fur in every texture, faithfully capturing the creature's essence and dynamism. The savage grace, the untamed fierceness, and the chilling beauty of the wolf is magnificently evoked in this sculpture; a testament to the artist's profound understanding of this enigmatic creature's duality.

Relating back to ancient folklore, the wolf symbolizes contrasting yet compelling aspects from dread cruelty, rage, and insatiable greed to military valor, allegiance, and mutual aid. Conjoined with the artist's ingenious prowess, the sculpture encapsulates these features, making it an enticing narrative to every observer.

Especially crafted for the leader; the pathfinder, this Milo original sculpture can be a commanding gift for a man who knows to rally and lead his flock. It can serve as a continuous remembrance of the adage, ‘a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.’ An imposing token that reflects his brave spirit and powerful presence.

The sculpture is a product of the Milo School of Fine Arts, a revered institution where majority of European sculptors study and perfect their craft. Being part of the 'Milo' brand, owning a piece is an opportunity to incorporate an element of fine European art into your own space for contemplation or conversation.