Bronze Code: 789
Height: 4.5 In
Width: 2.8 In
Weight: 1.4 LBs


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Experience the elegance of Russian craftsmanship with this high-quality, small plastic statuette. Designed and crafted entirely in Russia, this distinctive piece offers a delightfully heavy build for its size, thanks to a unique complete casting process that incorporates bronze for added density and sturdiness. Coupled with its compact size, this casting process makes the statuette a remarkably hefty, stable piece that stands up to everyday use as a display piece or ornamental touch.

The statuette catches the eye with its shiny color, a characteristic attribute that sets it apart. This feature introduces a glimmering accent to the piece, making it a significant addition that brightens any room or display case. Whether you are a connoisseur of Russian art, amateur collector of statuettes or an interior design enthusiast seeking a touch of class for your home decor, this small plastic statuette serves as a selection of choice.

Delving into the quality of the product, it is important to note that each statuette is a testament to an uncompromising commitment to quality. The finely detailed craftsmanship and impeccable finish speak volumes about the level of care and expertise that goes into each piece. By choosing this product, you are not only acquiring a beautiful artifact but also becoming part of a long-standing tradition of appreciating fine Russian craftsmanship.

Ideal as a gift, personal souvenir, or addition to a collection, this statuette encapsulates the charm and distinctive allure of Russian jewelry. Its presence in any space will undeniably add a touch of luxury and sophistication, rendering it an impressive asset in your collection of home decor.