Bronze Code: 719
Height: 18.7 In
Width: 13 In
Weight: 20.3 LBs


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Pay homage to the rich culture and intricate craftsmanship of European sculptors with our remarkable artwork - a large and colorful bird sculpture, boasting an impressive size of nearly 50cm and a substantial weight of 9.2 kg. Exploring the aesthetics of ornamental beauty in an approach that balances between contemporary creativity and traditional craftsmanship, this European art sculpture remains a testament to the timeless allure of European grandeur.

Rendered vibrantly in stunning color, the large bird sculpture gives an alluring appeal that effortlessly draws the eye. The kaleidoscopic array of hues accentuates the exquisitely detailed feathers of the bird, down to the smallest plumage. It is this astonishing precision and attention to detail, typical of the works of European sculptors, which lends enchanting realism, grace, and vitality to the figure.

The imposing size of the bird sculpture, paired with the compelling weight, imparts a tangible sense of durability, substance, and presence. The fullness of form and texture contributes to the overall impression of lifelike immediacy, while the dynamism of the sculpture's color palette ushers in a touch of oscillating warmth, vitality, and joy.

An elegant ornament of historical significance, bird sculptures were traditionally used to adorn imperial households in China, symbolizing good fortune and power. With this captivating artwork, you can infuse your interiors with a touch of the exuberance, majesty, and richness of such ancient regal houses.

This culturally rich and monumentally elegant bird sculpture is not just a testament to the superior craftsmanship of European sculptors but also a significant piece of decor that promises to bring vibrancy, elegance, and meaningful historical context into your home space.