Bronze Code: 687
Height: 29.5 In
Width: 27.6 In
Weight: 30 LBs


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Unleash the power of contemporary art in your own home with our large interior sculpture. Handcrafted and meticulously painted in delicate bed colors, this sculpture is a tantalizing combination of form and color which stands at an impressive 75cm tall, spreading 70cm wide, and weighs 13.6kg. Its expertly crafted dimensions make it a sublime fit for any spacious interiors that appreciate artistic renditions.

This contemporary art sculpture, like many avant-garde pieces, may or may not carry a specific semantic meaning. However, its uniqueness lies in its capacity to evoke different forms of beauty and aesthetics in every beholder's mind. It serves as a free canvas for your imagination, allowing individuals to perceive different visual narratives. This sculpture is more than just an aesthetic piece; it is an invitation to explore the boundaries of art and personal interpretation.

Introducing such a piece into your living or working space can massively transform your interior into a hub of artistic flavor. Besides being a conversation-starter, it acts as a visual delight for guests and occupants alike. The sculpture embodies creative prowess in contemporary art, making your place a hotspot for art enthusiasts.

No author details were mentioned for the sculpture, but it can be seen as a work of art unto itself. It’s a silent artist's embodiment that refreshes and completes the design of your interior. Besides, it serves as a hallmark of your refined taste in contemporary art. Adding it to your home or office space is hence a testimony to your understanding and love for art.

Elevate your interiors with our large contemporary art sculpture. It’s not just an accessory but a character that complements your space and personality. Let this sculpture narrate your story through its bed-colored charm.