Bronze Code: 590
Height: 3.5 In
Width: 2.4 In
Weight: 0.5 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the world of sculptural art with our meticulously made Viennese bronze dog figurine, a quintessential masterpiece proudly cast at the acclaimed Franz Bergmann factory. Known far and wide for its uncompromising pursuit of excellence, the Franz Bergmann factory remains a historic leader in the creation of hand-painted bronze figurines that bring to life the telling details of every object at hand.

This particular piece by the renowned factory is a testament to their brand name, 'Liter' in a jug, a symbolic assertion of their fine craftsmanship that attracts awe and admiration. Every figurine produced at the factory echoes their legendary respect for fine art and their timeless pursuit of perfection. This Viennese bronze dog figurine is no exception, holding true to the brand’s impressive reputation.

Keeping to tradition, the chosen genre for this figurine is the special Viennese bronze, a genre known for its miniaturist focus and the extraordinary detail it lends to its creations. This bronze dog figurine is a perfect example of this, boasting attention to the minutest of details with utter perfection.

What makes this figurine an extraordinary piece of art is the level of detail incorporated into its design. Everything from the villi to each hair on the dog's body is hand-painted with precision, giving the sculpture an unbelievable lifelike appearance. Every curve, every edge has been conscientiously crafted to make the piece an exquisite exemplar of miniature art.

This marvel, brought to life by the Franz Bergmann factory, invites you to appreciate and enjoy the timeless beauty of meticulously crafted Viennese bronze figurines. Get your hand-painted, brightly coloured, intricately detailed dog figurine today and add an element of vintage glamour to your space.