Bronze Code: 658
Height: 8.3 In
Width: 20.1 In
Weight: 24.9 LBs


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If you have an affinity for history, art, and a penchant for dramatic narratives captured in sculptures, then you will deeply appreciate this magnificent sculpture by Isidore Jules Bonheur, a renowned 19th-century French animal sculptor. This piece of art possesses the incredible power to grab attention and provoke thought, and it brilliantly showcases a potential duel scene between a bear and a buffalo. Both animals are seemingly evaluating each other, sizing up, and trying to make their presence known to the other.

The detail and intricacy witnessed in this sculpture is a true testament to Bonheur's skill and artistry, as he manages to convey an intense event solely through the medium of plastics. Measuring a robust 51cm in length and weighing over 11 Kg, this sculpture is indeed a large and heavy piece, representative of the grandeur that it symbolizes.

Isidore Jules Bonheur, born in 1827, started his artistic journey in the studio of his father, Raymond Bonheur, alongside his sister, Rosa Bonheur. His prodigious talents were internationally recognized when he made his debut at the Paris Salon in 1848. His timeless creations have found a place in many prestigious museums globally and continue to be highly esteemed by art connoisseurs. This sculpture too, preserves the legacy of the Bonheur family and makes for a chic piece of furniture or a dignified gift for an avid hunter.

Indulge in this extraordinary statement piece by Isidore Jules Bonheur and let it spark conversation and admiration, capturing the timeless dance of the wild carried out through a possible bear-buffalo duel.