Bronze Code: 738
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 3 LBs


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Experience the dexterity of European artistry with this captivating sculpture by renowned artist Milo. Enhance your surroundings with this small, meticulously sculpted piece, a perfect art investment for those on a budget. The sculpture's phenomenal intrinsic beauty, achieved by exclusively hand-molded plastic, is bound to draw everyone's attention.

The artist's sophisticated interpretation of the sparrow sets this piece apart. The sparrow signifies boldness, cunning, annoyance, and thievery, bringing to life an age-old adage, 'thief — beat.' This Russian bird's quirky characteristics, epitomized by this artistic rendition, exemplify the tenacity of urban life. The piece is a poetic testament to the nature of this charming creature, an ever-present companion of city-dwellers.

Milo's work embodies a unique confluence of tradition and innovation, greeting the viewer with its allure. This sculpture warrants fascination, representing the artist's skillful ingenuity and seamless fusion of nature and urban symbolism. Bring home this tangible representation of artistic prowess and revel in its captivating charm, adding a touch of European elegance to your space.

Delve into the world of European sculpture with this affordable, hand-molded art piece. Explore the artistic realm of Milo, whose miniature sparrow sculpture successfully blends the raw nature of the avian world with man-made artistry. This inexpensive yet evocative sculpture adds not only aesthetic value to your space but also unravels a narrative that keeps viewers hooked.