Bronze Code: 720
Height: 9.4 In
Width: 11.8 In
Weight: 12.3 LBs


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Step into the world of artistic masterpieces with this exquisite sculpture of a cheetah by renowned artist, Nick. This gorgeous piece from his collection is a testament to Nick's extraordinary attention to detail and his remarkable ability to breathe life into his work.

Nick's cheetah sculpture is a stunning representation of the fastest land animal in the world. This artistic creation vividly portrays the characteristic features of a cheetah: a slender yet muscular body, a small head with flattened ears - indicative of its exceptional hearing capabilities in the wild. Nick's profound understanding and respect for wildlife are evident in this masterpiece.

Every minor detail of the cheetah has been meticulously captured by Nick. The fur has been carefully sculpted, highlighting the intricate pattern and texture unique to this magnificent creature. The painstaking detail crafted into the fur makes this sculpture a standout piece, emulating the raw and wild spirit of the cheetah.

This sculpture is more than a decoration; it's an emblem of the artist's passion for wildlife and reverence for the beauty of nature. Owning this piece means appreciating art that blends flawless craftsmanship with a deep understanding of wildlife. This intricate, detailed, and lifelike cheetah sculpture by Nick is indeed a prodigious piece of art that art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike would cherish.