Bronze Code: 665
Height: 9.8 In
Width: 15.4 In
Weight: 26 LBs


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Introducing a work of art rich in history, masterfully crafted, and breathtakingly beautiful. A magnificent bronze sculpture of a wild boar almost 40cm wide and weighing 11kg, forged by the hands of the renowned French animal sculptor, Pierre-Jules Mene (1810-1879). Mene, known for his remarkably realistic artworks that intricately capture the appearance and essence of animals, was particularly devoted to depicting creatures from his country’s natural landscapes.

Believing in the aesthetic value of humble rural life and unspoiled nature, Mene's sculptural pieces evoke a profound reverence for his native surroundings. This stunning wild boar sculpture is a tangible manifestation of his artistry and vision. Substantial and weighty, it makes for a captivating piece of décor that can enhance any room’s appeal.

Beyond his triumphs in his home country, Mene received recognition on an international scale as well. He consistently won medals at salons in Paris and London, making his name synonymous with excellence in animal sculpture. His works have been extensively replicated in various mediums including bronze, silver, and cast iron, and grace the galleries of many major museums across the globe.

Not only was his art influential within France, but it was also admired and replicated by many workshops overseas, particularly in Germany. This bronze wild boar sculpture stands as a testament to Mene's exquisite attention to detail and his masterful blend of artistry and realism. As a gift for hunters or a unique addition to a collection, this heavy sculpture serves not just as an eye-catching centerpiece, but also as a piece of history, embodying the legacy of a remarkable artist.