Bronze Code: 645
Height: 8.3 In
Width: 8.7 In
Weight: 6.8 LBs


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Embrace the enchanting artistry of a well-renowned author, Milo, through this exquisitely designed author's sculpture. The sculpture serves as a representation of a stork, majestically rendered in a medium-sized format, illustrating Milo's keen attention to minute details and profound understanding of his artistry.

This sculpture is made more enchantingly beautiful with a thoughtful application of hand-painted white patina, giving it a distinct charm. The white patina adds a soft touch to the sculpture, making it an attractive accent piece for any living space.

Milo, the proficient author-sculptor, instills a deeper meaning in his stork sculpture beyond its aesthetic beauty. The stork, often perceived as a significant symbol across various cultures, embodies beauty, health, and the promise of a family heir. This symbolism makes this elegant sculpture an ideal gift for couples awaiting the joy of parenthood.

In Eastern cultures, the stork has widely been recognized as an emblem for longevity, bringing another layer of intrigue to this masterpiece. It is also associated with immortality in Taoism, giving this sculpture a profound, spiritual undertone.

Fusing elegance, intricacy and meaningful symbolism, this stork sculpture by Milo is more than just a visual delight. It is an artwork that speaks volumes, making it a cherished possession for art enthusiasts and a conversation starter for every gathering.