Bronze Code: 602
Height: 11.2 In
Width: 16.5 In
Weight: 8.2 LBs


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Crafted with precision and flair, this large 42cm bronze dog statue stands out not just for its size but also for its stunning detail and realistic depiction of a dog's anatomy. Without the need for a stone stand, this piece is a masterclass in interior decoration, seamlessly adding elegance and grace to any space it occupies.

The statue weighs 3.7kg and is made purely of bronze, manifesting durability that matches its artistic presence. The artist's skill is evident in the touching way the dog's features are expressed, highlighting not just the physical attributes synonymous with this furry companion, but also capturing the warm and protective essence that hunters value in their canine companions.

With its weighty presence and thoughtful conception, this statue is a great gift for hunting enthusiasts and dog lovers. It is a piece that commands attention, and a worthy companion to the best of bronze collections. In the absence of the author's identity, every viewer is invited to find their own narrative in the lifelike representation of this captivating hunting dog.

In the right light, the bronze glimmers with warmth, reflecting back the artisan's effort in its creation. Equally, it's cool to the touch, a testament to the cold, hard nature of the bronze from which it was born. It's these aspects that redefine the ordinary, making this bronze dog statue an extraordinary addition to any interior space, whether it's your home, office, or hunting cabin.