Bronze Code: 691
Height: 13.8 In
Width: 12.2 In
Weight: 12.6 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the imaginative world of sculpture art with this exceptional piece by renowned author and artist, Nick. This unique sculpture depicting a rooster is not just a creative output, but a poignant tale told by the artist carefully portraying the elegant beauty and vibrant character of this common barnyard creature.

Each individual feature of the rooster has been attentively crafted. The meticulous artistry in the bird's plumage is evident in its detailed texture. This is a testament to Nick's profound skill and his commitment to represent the spirit of each object he recreates in bronze. As a result, each sculpture he crafts narrates a complacent reality in a poetic manner.

Rendered in robust dimensions of 35x31cm, this tangible work of art weighs nearly 6kg of pure, hand-painted bronze, reflecting a magnificent, luminous decorative effect. The authenticity of Nick's craft lies in his use of traditional techniques that speak volumes about his respect and passion for the art. As a result, every bronze sculpture he creates becomes a tour de force of tangible aesthetics.

The Rooster sculpture brings not just a rustic charm but a sense of sophistication to your décor. It pairs beautifully with its counterpart - a similarly detailed sculpture, 'Chicken', adding a perfect harmony to your art collection. Together, they ensure your living space radiates a subtle brilliance that only a few can appreciate.

Invest in this unique art piece and appreciate the work of an artist who uses his creative dexterity to bring ordinary things to life, adding character and conversation to any room. Share Nick's passion for his art and witness the mesmerizing charm of his creation.