Bronze Code: 782
Height: 11 In
Width: 9.4 In
Weight: 12.8 LBs


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Introducing the exquisite work of masterful sculptor, Nick, we are pleased to present a unique large interior decorative item, artfully designed and meticulously crafted from pure bronze. Weighing in at just under 6 kg, this magnificent piece measures 28x24cm and shines as the perfect embodiment of Nick's attention to detail and refined craftsmanship.

Nick’s eye for detail is brilliantly exhibited in the accurate portrayal of the fine intricacies in this handicraft work. The carefully sculpted anatomy of the rhinoceros head is intricate and lifelike, complete with noticeable neck folds that add to the realism and beauty of the creation. Every fold and feature is depicted with precision, illustrating the expert skills of the author.

More than just an interior decoration, this work of art carries a deeper symbolism. Revered as a powerful protective symbol, the rhinoceros is believed to guard against theft, loss, and accidents, enhancing the confidence and sense of security of the owner. As such, this bronze rhinoceros head sculpture not only invokes admiration for its artistic merit but might also serve as your personal guardian, adding a rich symbolical undertone to your interior aesthetic.

In summary, this substantial interior piece is not just a testament to Nick's unrivalled talent in sculpture, but also an embodiment of rich symbolic importance. As a focal point within any interior setting, this meticulously crafted bronze rhinoceros head sculpture is sure to inspire awe and admiration among observers while potentially offering a sense of protection and improved self-confidence.