Bronze Code: 690
Height: 17.3 In
Width: 8.7 In
Weight: 7.7 LBs


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Unveil the mystery and beauty of modern art with this remarkable 44cm tall interior sculpture by esteemed artist, Milo. With every sculpture, Milo presents an immersive dive into the abstraction of beauty in art, playing with the viewer's perception and evoking emotions that we didn’t even realise existed within us.

Each of Milo's pieces is an individual exploration of aesthetics, thoughtfully created utilizing a combination of traditional and modern techniques to deliver depth, complexity, and an element of surprise. This modern art sculpture depicts a pigeon in a new light, stripping it down to its minimalistic form. The symbolic theme of the 'Dove of Peace' is rendered seamlessly, lending the sculpture multiple layers of interpretations.

Just like all artistic jewels with no semantic meaning, each viewer will find their own unique charm in this modern art piece, making it not just a mere decorative item, but an interactive experience. It's an object to admire, to ponder upon and to lose yourself within its serene beauty.

Whether standing alone or in harmony with your decor, this art piece promises to add a unique touch of sophistication to any space. Its presence calibrates an intimate connection between viewer and object, manifesting an ambiance that reflects tranquility, thoughtfulness, and a refined sense of aesthetics. It could also serve as a cherished 'Dove of Peace' award to honor someone.

Art is a language that doesn’t need words, and Milo’s modern sculpture speaks millions. This contemporary art piece is not just a visual treat but a reflection of the artist’s perception of aesthetics, their dialogue with the viewers, and the story they wish to narrate through their abstract expressions.