Bronze Code: 644
Height: 7.5 In
Width: 12.2 In
Weight: 4.6 LBs


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Uncover the work of European sculptors, meticulously designed and painstakingly hand-painted to perfection. Every centimeter of this magnificent sculpture is a testament to the mastery, skill, and precision of the European masters. The work does not overlook the smallest detail, capturing the attention and intrigue of every onlooker.

The power and visual allure of this sculpture lie within its magnificent detailing. From the carefully prescribed features of the plumage, tail to the beautifully portrayed paws, the emphasis on minutiae is obvious. The meticulous attention paid to each intricate detail showcases the expertise and unmatched skill of the creator.

Born out of passionate artisanship, these European statues infuse the essence of perfection into every nook. The fine detailing and hand-painted textures imbue life into these inanimate structures, showcasing the European sculptors' commendable dedication and finesse.

This unique piece of artwork, an embodiment of meticulousness and dedication, makes a distinctive and splendid gift for hunters. It is not just a mere representation of their interests but also serves as an appreciation for their pursuits, making it the ideal thoughtful present.

Get lost in the intricacies of the plush plumage, the crafted tail, and the defined paws illuminating the substantial efforts poured into creating this masterpiece. It’s time to appreciate the long-established talent that European sculptors bring forth in every exquisite work they create.