Bronze Code: 749
Height: 14.6 In
Width: 15.4 In
Weight: 8.7 LBs


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Experience the elegance and extraordinary craftsmanship of a Large Bronze Animal Head Sculpture. This magnificent work, nestled comfortably within an impressive 39cm frame, is no light matter — weighing in at almost 4kg of pure bronze. It’s not just a sculpture, but a statement piece, a celebration of art, wildlife, and superior craftsmanship designed to awe and inspire. This remarkable piece is intended to be mounted on the wall, offering a majestic display of rustic charm and intricate design.

The sculptor behind this masterpiece has left no detail unexplored. Paying special attention to the texture and features of the animal's structure, the result is a spectacularly lifelike representation. Each fold, every strand of fur, the complexity of the animal's skin - all are meticulously rendered with an artist's dedication and a keen eye. This is a work of passion and admiration for the animal kingdom, translated into a medium that lasts forever.

Given its grand size and detailed construction, this Large Bronze Animal Head Sculpture is more than a simple decor item. It is an investment in art and a notable piece of furniture that can instantly elevate the status of any room in your country house. The bronze edifice offers durability and timeless appeal, promising to add a touch of wilderness and grandeur to your living space for years to come.

In summary, this large bronze sculpture masterfully captures and immortalizes the intricate details and beauty of an animal's head, radiating an air of sophistication and becoming the perfect conversation starter. If you believe in investing in art that speaks volumes, then this piece is a must-have in your collection!